Decontamination from PCB.

ELMA SERVIZI INDUSTRIALI s.r.l. has been dealing with and solving the PCB problem on a daily basis for forty years by scrupulously complying with the laws in force and integrating them strictly with its long technical-operational experience and knowledge of national and international regulations.

Our Company is in possession of the integrated ENVIRONMENTAL authorization (A.I.A.) for the temporary storage of special and toxic-harmful waste contaminated by PCBs from both third parties and its own production cycles, authorizations for dismantling, sorting, reclamation, etc. and authorizations for collection and transport on the national territory. ELMA SERVIZI INDUSTRIALI is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and systems, in order to carry out all the operational phases required by the specific market in an impeccable quality manner.

The thermal destruction of waste is carried out at the most important national and international plants thanks to specific contracts and agreements.

Cross-border exports of waste are authorized by the competent international authorities in compliance with current regulations and involve sending several thousand tons of waste per year to thermal destruction. Our disposal activity is carried out throughout the national territory and our customers are represented by all the largest national and multinational industrial companies as well as a vast and heterogeneous range of medium and small companies.